Saving the whales in the Saint Lawrence Estuary

Dr. Parrott is a member of the Saint Lawrence Estuary Working Group on Maritime Transport and Marine Mammal Protection.  As a result of the group’s efforts, voluntary measures including speed reduction and an area of caution have been implemented to reduce whale-vessel collisions in the Saint Lawrence Estuary.  The voluntary measures were communicated by the Canadian Coast Guard to the navigation community in the May 31st edition of the Notice to Mariners publication ( and are in effect as of June 1st.

An agent-based model, 3MTSim, developed by Dr. Parrott’s research group was used to evaluate the impact of different traffic scenarios by the working group and helped the group to arrive at a final recommendation.  Click here to learn more about 3MTSim.

A news release by Fisheries and Oceans Canada is available here.

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