The value of natural capital in the Okanagan

  The Okanagan Valley is rich with natural capital that provides us with enormous benefits to our well-being and quality of life. Using the best estimates available, based on global studies, the monetary value of this natural capital likely exceeds $6.7 billion/year (in 2007 dollars). Download a PDF version of this text here. By Lael […]

Forest Complexity Modelling

This NSERC-funded CREATE Training program aims to train graduate and undergraduates in the science of modelling and managing forests as complex systems.  The program involves collaborations between 10 Canadian universities and a number of non-academic collaborators. Students are expected to perform their research in collaboration with partners from industry or governmental ministries.   Dr. Parrott […]


3MTSim is a dynamic model of boats and whales developed by our team.  It is currently being used to explore alternate marine traffic management scenarios for the Saint Lawrence Estuary.  This project, in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Parks Canada and the GREMM, has led to ongoing discussions about ways to mitigate […]

Okanagan Futures

What kind of future do we want for the Okanagan Valley?  The Okanagan Futures project will explore alternate land use and development scenarios for the region to help us understand the impacts of our decisions on quality of life, agriculture, ecosystems and the economy.


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